Project Description

200hr Certified cYoga Curriculum

The YTT in a Nutshell


We want to help you connect with your students and develop rewarding relationships with them; create successful classes, motivate, encourage and make your students interested in yoga; plus help you positively apply this philosophy to your life.


Our YTT is more intense than the usual 200hr. It is very common for us to have students that have already taken other YTTs before taking this training with us. Our goal is to prepare you to present a yoga class confidently, with good knowledge of class management, sequencing and adjustments. With this goal, the training is structured accordingly.

The day starts with meditation. We have seen that it helps people be more receptive to new ideas and helps everyone calm down through an intense program. Then Carmen teaches a class, followed by her explanation of the critical aspects of that class. In the afternoon we learn the adjustments for that class, the next morning students present the class in front of Carmen and she gives everyone feedback. Then that afternoon we start practicing the adjustments for the next sequence. The next morning Carmen teaches the next class, and the cycle starts again. Every day, you either take a class from Carmen or teach the class in front of Carmen.

Think of the training in modules of 2 days each. We start each day with meditation, then students present the class and receive feedback. Then Carmen introduces the next class and we start adjusting every pose in it. The following day Carmen teaches the class, we complete the adjustments and at the end of the day students rehearse for the next day. The next morning we start with meditation again, then students present the class, and we start a new 2 day cycle.

Towards the middle of the training, students are more comfortable presenting, so we focus more on sequencing, anatomy and the business aspect of yoga, and less time on adjusting. This way we cover the entire curriculum.

Application Process

Step 1

Is cYoga for you?

Get familiar with the style.

If you cannot take a class at The Lab, make yourself familiar with Carmen’s style via instagram or vimeo.

Step 2

Complete Application Form

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Tell us about your practice and why you want to take the training.

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Step 3

We review your application

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If we have questions, we may want to talk on Skype to make sure the TT is a good fit for you

Step 4

Reserve your spot

Pay Deposit

Pay a non-refundable $500 deposit to reserve your spot. We’ll send you a Paypal link to complete this step from anywhere in the world.

To register for the Chicago 200 or 300hr program, please submit your application to to get the process started.

I signed up for Carmen and Moises’s 200hr Yoga Teacher Training after having received my first 200 hour certification at another studio and having taught full time for four years. Even with my prior training and teaching experience, there was still so much I learned! Carmen and Moises have the unique perspective of teaching quite literally all over the world, which gives an insight that very few others have. They’ve seen practitioners from all walks of life and so many different yoga studio models, that information alone is fascinating. Carmen’s style of practice, cYoga, is one that challenges students without leaving them feeling frustrated or alienated–as a studio owner, it’s a class that keeps students consistently coming back. Game changer! Moises’s adjustments are truly next level–no matter how great you think your adjustments are, Moises can help you make them better, whether you need to adjust the most beginner students or the most advanced. And even for those who aren’t interested in teaching necessarily, this training will take your practice to a whole different level. It will challenge you to go beyond your limits, inside and out. If you are serious about changing your life on and off your mat, don’t hesitate to train with these teachers–they are simply the best!

Katy Gassaway, Certified 2019

If you’re looking for a teacher training that will challenge and extend you, consider this one. Carmen is one of the most accomplished yoga practitioners that I’m aware of. Her proficiency and depth of knowledge is evident in her practise. But not only that, she is an outstanding teacher. Her instructions are clear, she’s extremely generous with her knowledge and gives 110% all the time. Her classes, alongside her theory on the art and science of sequencing will not only invigorate and inform my own practise, it will invigorate and extend the way I teach from now on.
For me the biggest surprise, and bonus, of the training was her partnership with Moises. He covers adjustments, meditation and philosophy, I found this adjunct to Carmen’s teaching immensely enriching and rewarding.

Gabrielle Edwards, Certified 2019

Teacher training at The Lab is unfiltered and I would not have had it any other way. The meditations with Moises, classes with Carmen, hours of adjustments, and the small group of trainees allowed me to develop confidence in my skills as a new cYoga teacher ready to face the world of yogis. It is an environment where I felt comfortable exploring and changing the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of my yoga practice which has changed me as a person. I am forever grateful for the experience.

Christine Samson, Certified 2017

This training is hands down the best one available in the United States. Carmen and Moises do a stellar job of teaching you how to actually teach a class. It is by far the most in depth experience in regards to three of the most important segments of being a yoga teacher: sequencing isn’t just brushed over, instead they spend multiple hours going over how to sequence a class so you are properly warming up your students; hands-on-adjustments are not just studied from a book perspective, they are put to practice and critiqued until you get them right and are confident in them; and each student is put to the test in their actual teaching skill and given an opportunity to teach in front of other people multiple times through the training so that they can hone their skills and become that much better if a teacher.

This is my second time taking the cYoga teacher training, and I took it a second time because of a few reasons. One, it had been 6 years since the last time I took the training and I knew there was a lot of brushing up I needed to do. Two, I also knew that cYoga had done a lot of evolving since I took the training and there was about twice as much information to memorize. But three, I took it again because there is no better training available. The amount that I learned this time around was equal to or greater than the previous time. I’m forever grateful that this is such a huge part of my life and will be always.

Nick Larsen, Certified 2012 and 2017

Teacher training at The Lab far exceeded all my expectations. In the 3.5 weeks I spent with Carmen and Moises, I learned how to design a cohesive and intelligent sequence, teach and adjust each and every pose in the sequence, and understand the anatomy and philosophy behind the yoga I was teaching. Carmen and Moises did an amazing job preparing the course in a progressive way that maximized growth as teachers over a short time frame. Further, both made themselves available to answer any and all questions that we had about anatomy, sequencing, poses, adjustments, philosophy, meditation, and all things yoga in general. Above all else, I feel extremely well prepared to begin my teaching career and would recommend this TT to anyone looking to teach high level yoga.

Garry Capko, Certified 2016

cYoga teacher training is one of the most challenging and fulfilling experience I’ve been through in my life. The attention and quality of instruction Carmen and Moises provided were felt from day one and throughout the program. The whole package, including meditation, hands-on adjustments, sequencing, and cueing, was all found here. It also transformed my own personal practice, having more breakthroughs at The Lab than anywhere else.

Rachel Wang, Certified 2016

Please do not expect a simply enjoyable, sweet yoga teacher training. Carmen and Moises frequently stressed me out… with sincere devotion and passion, which helped me go through several breakthroughs. The training is structured to find the best version of yourself, through sequencing, adjustments, meditation, presentation and very sharp feed backs, and so on. Especially, if you are feeling stuck in your practice or desiring to improve your teaching skills, this is THE training course to take.

Jinny Suh, Certified 2016